Shea butter of exceptional quality.

Majo Karité is the brand of the Ivorian company that manufactures, distributes and sells shea butter of exceptional quality.
Shea butter is very rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and other valuable active ingredients that allow:
• moisturize the skin,
• regenerate it,
• soothe and nourish it.
It helps to maintain its elasticity and therefore prevent stretch marks and wrinkles.
Similarly, Shea Butter helps restore strength and shine to damaged hair.
Shea is a noble and imposing tree, it grows in most African countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mali and Benin) and considered sacred by the natives. It can live up to three centuries and can reach fifteen meters high with more than one meter in diameter.

Shea butter for face care
Over time and external aggressions (wind, cold, sun, pollution), the skin becomes tired, dehydrated and dry. This promotes the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the face in the long term.
The application of shea butter makes it possible to fight against this dehydration and makes the skin retain its suppleness and elasticity.
Beyond a simple moisturizer, shea butter is in this context, a real natural and organic beauty treatment.
shea butter for hair.

The hair is also affected by the external aggressions that we have just mentioned.
The degradation is less visible to the naked eye, but it happens slowly and inexorably. And when it finally becomes visible, the damage is irreversible. We generally end up with dry, brittle and difficult to comb hair.
Shea Butter Hair Mask is a great way to nourish and hydrate hair. They regain vigor and shine.
This shea butter treatment has been used effectively for hundreds of years by African women.
Shea butter for lip protection
In winter the lips are subject to the cold and the physical manifestation is the appearance of the famous chapped lips, both unsightly and sometimes painful.

Apply shea butter on the lips before leaving in the morning. It will form a protective film on the skin of your lips and you will be protected for the day. No more parched lips with shea butter.
If you decide not to wipe off too much of the shea butter residue that remains on your lips, you will have a beautiful natural gloss effect. Beware, however, of oily kisses with your lover!
Shea butter against stretch marks
Stretch marks are a feminine ailment that often appears during pregnancy. It is of course very badly placed and quite unsightly.

Shea butter helps fight stretch marks. Note that the action would be more preventive than curative. So, in case of pregnancy or diet, think about massaging the parts of the body sensitive to the appearance of stretch marks with shea butter, and this from the beginning of your pregnancy or your diet.
In Africa, shea butter is also used as protection against insect bites and as an after-sun.

Shea butter as an aftershave
Shaving causes what is called “razor burn”.
The skin may become red, irritated and subject to micro-cuts. The end result is dehydration of the epidermis. We see it very well if nothing is done to rehydrate the skin because once the razor burn has diminished, we observe dry, slightly bleached skin.

Shea butter is a very good natural aftershave, just apply the product to the skin after shaving.
Let the shea butter penetrate for 5 minutes then remove the residue with a towel so that your skin is not oily. This is preferable from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a practical point of view. This prevents the front of your shirt collars from becoming impregnated with oily shea stains.
Shea butter for hands and nails.

Have you noticed that household chores tend to dry out the skin on your hands? This is due to the various industrial products and other detergents used. You can also have naturally dry hands. The use of shea butter gives very effective and immediate results: your skin becomes supple and completely fresh as soon as it is applied to the hands.
Shea butter for the body, legs and arms
Of course, the use of shea butter is not limited to the face and hair. You can apply it to those traditionally dry areas on women’s arms and legs.
Shea butter for the body, legs and arms
Of course the use of shea butter is not limited to the face and hair. You can apply it to these traditionally dry areas in women, such as the arms and legs.

Shea butter for body aches
Shea butter is recognized in Africa for its anti-ache properties as well as for muscle and joint pain.
Massages with shea butter, in addition to the pleasure of the massage, are therefore a solution for treating these annoying little sores.
It should be noted that many athletes appreciate shea massage as part of their preparation for exercise. Shea butter has indeed relaxing and warming properties of the muscle.
Shea butter for psoriasis and eczema
Psoriasis and eczema are two particularly troublesome diseases for people who suffer from them. We will therefore be clear regarding the use and properties of shea butter against these two conditions: there is no scientific study on the subject.
It is therefore not known whether shea butter has proven virtues against psoriasis and eczema, however many testimonials from patients point to a soothing effect of shea butter when it is applied to psoriatic areas or to eczema. The effect will only be soothing, but not curative even if some patients go in this direction.
Handle with care, as cases of allergic reactions have been reported. It is therefore necessary as a precaution to carry out tests on small areas of skin.
Shea butter for baby skin
In Africa mothers use shea butter when their little ones have irritated buttocks. If creams from our pharmacopoeia do not work well on your baby’s bottom, you can always try shea butter.
.Baby Chloe, baby Zoe and baby Destiné have been using shea butter since birth. Look at the photos, they say it all!


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